Located on the first floor of the Quarry Arts building in Madison, Integration Bodywork offers a unique, whole body approach to reduce pain and improve performance. Whether you’re a high school athlete struggling with an overuse injury, an adult with chronic low-back pain, or a senior citizen who wants to chase the grand kids and ride your motorcycle, Integration Bodywork can help your achieve your goals. From injury recovery to therapeutic bodywork, Integration Bodywork can help you¬†get back to the life you love-Book today!


In 2008 I experienced a devastating one hundred car pile up. My injuries included a broken right ankle,¬†lacerations to my spleen, forehead, scalp, right knee and a dislocated left hip. My personal experience with massage therapy after my accident inspired and amazed me. The better I felt physically, the more my spirits lifted. In September 2012, I completed my Associates Degree in Massage Therapy at Globe University. After twice as many hours as required for licensure, I discovered I am a therapist who helps heal both physically and emotionally. Whether you are recovering from rotator cuff surgery or you’re a competitive CrossFitter, my promise to you is to focus on your needs and goals. To help you feel your best and reduce pain by increasing range of motion and addressing postural issues. Let me help you to live a better, pain-free life and achieve your goals.


Scott Robison, LMT #12892-146, practices structural bodywork in Madison, WI. Scott studied massage and bodywork in Portland, OR, and earned a BS in Physics from Dickinson College. A life-long athlete, Scott ran cross country and track in college, spent a decade rock climbing all over the US, and has been a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer since 2010. He was trained in the Selective Functional Movement Assessment in 2016. Scott blends his expertise in movement with a manual therapy style focused on restoring alignment and quality of movement.