1. The 5 Reasons You’re Avoiding Exercise, And What To Do About It, with Corey Digman -012

    We all know exercise is important, but what, specifically, are you supposed to do? How do you tell a good trainer, program, or gym, from a bad one? In this episode, Ray and I have a conversation with Corey Digman, owner of Digman Fitness in Madison, in which we answer exactly this question. We discuss: What's essential in a good  training program What you should start with, if you've never exerci…Read More

  2. Mindfulness, abundance, and time mastery with Susan Thomson -011

    In this episode, Scott Robison, LMT, interviews business coach Susan Thomson, Partner at ActionCOACH Madison. They discuss: Susan's personal daily mindfulness and gratitude practices, the results she's seen in her business coaching clients, the nitty-gritty of time blocking, and scheduling your work, how to say "no" more easily, and more! Resources ActionCOACH Madison, ActionCOACH Madison on Faceb…Read More

  3. Change Your Habits, Change Your Life with Emma Rose -010

    What frustrates you about yourself? Do you have trouble with time management? Do you eat junk food when you're stressed? Maybe you're very compliant when you're on a "cleanse," whatever that means, but you return to eating habits you don't like when it's over. I've got some good news for you and some bad news. The bad news is, it takes work to change those habits. You can't keep doing what you've …Read More

  4. Better breathing, better performance with Kane Sivesind -009

    Even though I'm a Licensed Massage Therapist, I've gathered a lot of inspiration, and techniques, from physical therapists and strength coaches. I think that's mostly because those groups are more focused on improving how your body functions, rather than your posture or state of mind. This group includes Gray Cook and the Functional Movement Systems crew (everyone here at Integration Bodywork use…Read More

  5. Truly Holistic Healthcare w/ Dr. Allison Becker -008

    Many people are sick and tired of the sick care they receive from the traditional medical establishment. As a former Oregonian, I got to experience the benefits of a naturopathic approach to family medicine, so I know there's a better model available. In this episode, I interview Dr. Allison Becker, a "physician-trained, naturopathic doctor," practicing in Evansville, WI. In this episode, we discu…Read More

  6. Landscape your way to better health w/ Sean Pratt -007

     In this episode, I interview Sean Pratt. Sean is a landscape designer at Ganshert Nurseries and Landscapes, a full-service Design/Build landscape firm. In this episode, we discuss: The health benefits of being outside How a well designed outdoor space can make it easier and more enjoyable to be outside when you're home How to design a space that ages with you How to deal with flooding and grad…Read More

  7. Introducing Ray Eady, LMT, CSCS -006

    I'm delighted to finally get Ray Eady on the podcast. Ray came to Integration Bodywork with more than 17 years experience as a strength and conditioning coach, so he has a deep understanding of human movement, and how to help you move better. He also recently graduated from East West Healing Arts Institute, where he added strong manual therapy skills and the Traditional Chinese Medicine perspectiv…Read More

  8. Playing your way to a more fulfilling life with Kathy Oppegard

    All kids play, but most people lose that skill somewhere along their journey to adulthood. It's a shame, because play is a great way to connect with your partner and friends, get your kids to do what you want, and have a more engaged community. In this week's episode, I interview Kathy Oppegard. Kathy is a Martha Beck Life Coach, who specializes in teaching adults to rediscover their playful abili…Read More

  9. Fall prevention for all ages with Dr. Susan Frikken

     In this episode, I interview Susan Frikken, DPT. We discuss falling, fall prevention, how to stay healthy long-term, and the importance of a holistic approach to treating musculoskeletal conditions. We also discuss the Madison Area Wellness Collective, and how you can use it to find great people who can really help.   Here are some of the resources mentioned in this episode: Susan's physi…Read More

  10. Taking care of your trees so they can take care of you with Briana Frank -003

     The trees in your yard, on your street, and in your town aren't just there for show. They provide tangible emotional health benefits, filter pollutants from your air and water, shade your house in the summer, and offer fun movement opportunities for you and your family. Trees are also alive, which means they need to be taken care of. In this episode, Briana Frank from Tree Health Management, e…Read More