Well folks, it’s that time of year again: time to gather for good food, airing of grievances, and feats of strength. It’s also a time of giving, so here are some ways to help yourself and your loved ones.



“I’m so glad you were open today, you saved my Christmas!”

I worked two Christmas Eves at Back In Motion when we lived in Portland, and every year about 5 people said that to me as they were checking out. I got into bodywork to help others, and these experiences brought home how important it is to be available when people can get to you.

To that end, I will be available for same day appointments on Christmas Eve, from 8 until 3. This will include 30 minute sessions for $40, and 60 minute sessions for $80. Booking will not be available online, so please call me at 608-535-1154, and give me at least an hour lead time. Throw out your back putting up the tree? Wake up on Christmas Eve with a gnarly headache? Let me help you have a pain-free Christmas.



Do you know someone who is in pain, but never gets around to taking care of themselves? Maybe it’s an office mate who gets a headache every afternoon. Maybe you have a running doesn’t run anymore because of IT Band pain, but can’t find the time to get treatment. Now is your chance to help them out.

From now until December 26, you can buy that person a $100 gift certificate, good for one 90 minute session if redeemed by February 29, 2016 (redeemable for face value after that). Here’s the best part: your next session is $100 when you buy a gift certificate, no matter when you book! As many of you have noted, I offer a unique, effective service, so this is the only promotional discount I will be offering all year. Give yourself and someone you care about the gift of health this year.



How did you find me to schedule your first appointment? Were you referred by one of the other therapists at

my previous office

, or

one of


CrossFit gyms

I’ve worked with

? Do we know each other socially? Maybe you found

my website

from a Google search. These days, there are so many ways for a small business owner to connect with future clients online. However, research shows that word-of-mouth is still the resource with the greatest influence, so let’s join forces.

If you’ve had a positive experience with bodywork and my practice, please consider writing a review or testimonial. I may include them on the website or other marketing materials, but you’ll remain anonymous. You can send me an


, post a review on

my Massage Book site



, or even leave one on

the Facebook page

(remember, those will have your name on them). Even one or two sentences can help someone find the relief they need. As a small business owner, I know how scarce time can be, so I appreciate your time and input. Thank you!