The 2016 CrossFit Games Open officially ended last night. I just wanted to offer a few thoughts before we get too far removed from the event.

Be proud of yourself

I saw some amazing performances throughout the open.

Many of you got your first bar muscle up, and then got many more during 16.3. You showed grit, and determination, and sheer bloody mindedness as you competed in 16.1 and 16.5.

You high fived and fist bumped after your heats. You cheered and judged for each other even though you were exhausted from your own performance. You laughed, showed up early, stayed late, brought doughnuts and cupcakes and peanut butter pretzels, and dressed in hilarious costumes.

 You embodied all the best things CrossFit has to offer. I hope you take some pride in the part you played in making Friday Night Lights such a success.


Thank you

First, a huge shoutout to Barrett for inviting me to be a part of Friday Night Lights. I loved supporting your efforts each week. I got into bodywork because I love helping people and working with athletes, and this was a great chance to do both of those things.

Some of you got treatment on my table, many more had short conversations about some small pain or movement limitation, and how to address it. I hope I was able to provide some relief, or a useful mobility strategy.


What’s next

Spring is (finally) here, what an appropriate time for a new year of training to start. With more sunshine and warm temps, so we’re bound to see some running, finally.

Yes, I said finally. What do you want from me? I ran track in college.

It’s also a good time to set some goals for training leading up to next year’s Open. By the time the open starts next year, I want to

  • Deadlift 300 lbs
  • Do 30 unbroken push-ups
  • Do a week of WODs at the men’s Rx weight.

As Barrett and I were discussing this morning, qualifying for regionals means being in the top 1/10 of 1%,¬†just in your region. Achieving these goals won’t get me to regionals, but that’s not why I CrossFit.

I workout to make bodywork easier, and so I can chase my boys around and show them how to lead an active, healthy life.

Why do you CrossFit? What are your training goals for the next year? Post them in a comment, or on Facebook.

See you at the 6 AM class.