1. Using accountability to overcome impossible odds with Tony Tucci -014

    In today's episode, I interview Tony Tucci. Tony's a residential realtor with Realty Executives Cooper Spransy, a father of 6(!) kids, and so much more. We discussed: How Tony got himself into thousands of dollars of debt The practices and mindset shifts he made to get himself and his family out How the experience has helped him serve his clients better And so much more! Check him out here. Right-…Read More

  2. It’s all about the breath

    Over the last month I got better at riding my bike, carrying my kids, squatting, pulling, and pressing. All I did was practice one simple breathing drill. Interested?   Breathing is both vital for life, and for movement. Breathing well means aligning the pelvis and rib cage with each other. It also means engaging the muscles between the ribcage and pelvis to stabilize that position.   Many of us…Read More

  3. 4 Lies your massage therapist told you, and 3 truths they probably don’t know

    Massage therapy is at least 7 thousand years-old. As you might expect, it’s first written mention is from Chinese writing from around 5,000 BCE. What might be surprising, though, is that we’re finally, maybe, figuring out how it works. We’ve come up with a lot of sensible hypotheses over the years, but most of them have failed rigorous study. And yet, they’re so sensible that your massage …Read More