Therapeutic massage apprentice-employee

If helping clients resolve pain your favorite part of being a massage therapist, and you often frustrated because you find the root cause of your client’s pain with only 5 or 10 minutes left in the session, Integration Bodywork might be a great place for you.

Founder Scott Robison, LMT, uniquely combines posture and movement assessment systems with effective myofascial techniques that help clients get better, faster. As a full-time or part-time apprentice, you’ll be trained to use these assessment systems so can find those root causes sooner. You’ll also learn advanced myofascial techniques, rooted in structural integration, that help clients get out of pain quickly, and stay that way.

You might be the next member of the team if:

  • You are a movement nerd
  • You love being outside, playing, exercising, moving
  • You are energetic and enthusiastic
  • You develop rapport quickly with every new client
  • You go the extra mile to communicate and ask for help when needed
  • You are willing to dive in and trouble shoot to solve problems that may arise
  • You are timely, reliable, and consistent with a drive to always do your best work
  • You are proactive, instead of reactive
  • You have confidence and will bring a positive energy and fresh ideas
  • You love to drive success for yourself and the organization!

If this sounds like you, Integration Bodywork might be the exact right place for you to work. We are a growing practice that thrives on helping people who want to move better so that they can do what they want, when they want.

You’ll be responsible for 3 major roles:

Therapeutic massage & bodywork

  • Deliver 10-20 client hours per week
  • Seek out new techniques and modalities through study and continuing education
  • Learn, apply, and master posture and movement assessment

Business development

  • Planning and running off-site events with your ideal clients
  • Building relationships with referral partners
  • Posting on social media
  • Writing blog posts, newsletters, etc


  • Take care of the office, from laundry to vacuuming
  • Manage your calendar, and communicate directly with clients

These are permanent positions, up to 20 client hours, and at least 4 hours for business development each week. We want you to achieve your personal goals while we collectively achieve our business goals.

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