What’s your name?

Leia Schneeberger

What’s your sport?

Mountain Biking (XC)

Are you part of a team?

Broken Spoke Racing

Who are your other sponsors?

Broken Spoke Cycles & Funkier Bike International

What’s your day job?

I’m a Senior Account Manager at Mid-West Family Broadcasting

How’s your season going? Any big results?

The season has been spectacular. I am currently undefeated on a Fat Bike winning all of the Hugh Jass Series races, Snow Crown Races, Iola Snow Bully and the Fat Bike Birkie. For Mountain Biking I am the overall Champion for the second year in a row in the Wisconsin Off Road Series. I took 3rd overall at the Ore 2 Shore & 1st at the Copper Harbor Festival.

How did you find Integration Bodywork?

I was referred to Integration Bodywork by my friend James Kademan. He recommended you guys after hearing me complain about chronic soreness in my legs.

Which therapist do you usually see, and how often?

I see Megan once a month.

How does regular massage and bodywork support your sport performance?

Regular massage helps reduce the inflammation and soreness I deal with after big races. It allows me to get back to hard training sessions faster by reducing the time needed to recover.

How does that change over the course of the competitive season?

The name of the game is how many hours and hard hours you can subject your legs to in order to get you as fit as possible. Regular massage has helped with improving my performance simply because I am able to get back to work faster and work harder.

What do you wish other people knew about Integration Bodywork?

I wish people knew that you have a better better approach to reducing pain and increasing performance that includes correcting misalignment. I tell people Megan is really strong and able to knead out my discomfort. Massage is not only necessary but absolutely mandatory for top performance.

What’s next on the competitive calendar for you?

I am looking forward to wrapping up the mountain bike season with appearances at the Peak2Peak, Stump Farm and Ice Man races. Then rest a couple of weeks before fat bike training and racing over the winter.