An evidenced-based, drug-free approach to achieving optimal health and wellness

We all “know” what to do when it comes to our health – we’ve heard it a thousand times.

So what gives? Why isn’t sheer knowledge enough to get all of us to change our ways? And why are
some people able to stay or get fit, lose weight, or become free from their addiction while others
struggle for months, years, and decades to regain control of their behaviors?

The answer is actually quite simple, and lies, not in the arena of fitness, nutrition, or traditional
medicine, but in the area of brain science.

In this 8-week course, you’ll learn:

How to change a habit

Neuroplasticity and how to rewire your brain. We will also explore how thoughts and beliefs tie into this. All drawn from the latest research.

Stress management and how to be happy

What does it take to have a satisfying life?  It’s all about “small wins”… I’ll explain why, and help with action steps to experience more joy in your life.


What it is, and how to manipulate it. Meal timing, basic metabolic rate, and how, because of our basic biology, restriction fails us in the long run.

Mindful eating, part 1

Am I even hungry? More on why diets don’t work, getting back in touch with your natural eating rhythms, awareness, and responsibility vs reaction.  Why overeating is actually pre-programmed into our brains as a means to survive.

Mindful eating, part 2

What do I eat? Macronutrients, cravings, and how to handle your “forbidden” foods


Why it has nothing to do with lack of willpower. And more on willpower, activation energy, and how to get stuff done!

Fitness principles

Physique, Performance, Fitness, flexibility


Mindful eating potluck, accountability, and wrap-up

You’ll get homework at the end of every class to help you take action, and a private Facebook group where I’ll help keep you accountable, ask questions, and share successes.

Group classes begin the week of October 8th and run weekly, for about an hour, with breaks the weeks of Halloween and Thanksgiving.


Get a friend to sign up, and receive two 1-on-1 health coaching sessions with me (Emma), FREE,  so you can get personalized guidance on what’s most important to you. That’s a $170 value, just for making sure the course gets to run.

Wait, what? Yup. We need at least 4 people to sign up for each time slot.

If we can’t hit that number, we can’t run the course. That’s why we’re offering 3 days and times:

Look, this is the first time I’m teaching this course from start to finish. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been teaching this material for years, and I’m working my tail off to make it the best course I know how.

But do you know what would make it even better? Your feedback.

That’s why I’m offering it to you, one time only, for $239. The next time the course runs, the price will go up to $399. All I need from you is your honest feedback throughout the course.

What are you waiting for?

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