Move On Your Own Terms!

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90 minutes

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So, what do you get with a 60 or 90 minute appointment?

Work with a therapist who gets what you do

You don’t have to explain yourself to us. We know how passionate you are about moving, because we are too! We love to squat, deadlift, ride bikes, and take on crazy physical challenges. We don’t love burpees, but we do them. And because we play like you do, we can help you do those things better, on your own terms.

Feel better right away

Not to toot our own horns, but we’re awesome at relieving pain. We focus on restoring your natural alignment and range of motion so you can move with freedom, ease, and confidence after one session. We don’t lube you up and then skate around, leaving you relaxed but not moving any better.

Get long-term relief

Sometimes your knee hurts because your knee is hurt. Sometimes it’s because something else is dysfunctional without you noticing. If you only treat your knee, sometimes it gets better, and sometimes it just stops hurting for a couple of hours. We know how to tell the difference, and treat both issues.

Recover faster

Sometimes you have to go ham! It’s ok, we do it too, and we suffer the consequences, like walking like a Mummy for 3 days after a mountain bike race. We can help you move like a normal person again, so you can jump right back into your training without increasing your risk for injury.

Do it better

Better thoracic mobility makes you better at Olympic lifting and transmit power more efficiently to your bike. Better hip mobility makes you better at running, skiing, and squatting. Even if you’re moving pain-free, we can still help you move better

Do the activities you love pain-free

When you can find and resolve the hidden cause of your painful movement, you get to do what you want, when you want. Ski the Berkie without changing techniques every 20 minutes. Squat heavy without that pinched feeling in the front of your hip. Ride your motorcycle the length of California. Whatever your dream, we can help you get there.


Nic Schilling

Scott helped me with one treatment during the 2017 CrossFit open workouts. I saw improvement in one session in both a hip and neck issue. I’m not sure I could have completed the workout that evening without Scott’s help. He also visited our gym for a mobility seminar and was very generous sending all attendees home with two lacrosse balls and a sock for at home thoracic spine work. I was impressed with that give away as well. Great work Integration Bodywork!!

Erin Wojtasiak

Highly recommend! Megan’s technique and demeanor were top notch, it was overall a wonderful experience. I left feeling significantly better, and look forward to returning soon.