Structural bodywork approaches the body structurally, releasing tension at the source as well as of the affected areas.

structural bodyworkStructural Bodywork manipulates the body’s connective tissue through focused, sequential strokes to correct physical alignment and allow the body to heal itself naturally.

Structural bodywork focuses on the use of manual and movement therapy techniques that take advantage of your physiology to release holding patterns in muscles, improve joint movement, and achieve balance within your body and gravity. By focusing on techniques that require response from the nervous and facial systems, we can make change that your body accepts and integrates into the way it holds and moves itself through the world, and more permanently alleviate the underlying sources of your pain.

Structural bodywork addresses restrictions in the fascia to help unwind compensation patterns, and create space and movement options to not only ease pain immediately, but also address it’s underlying sources so you can move better, feel better, and get back to your life.

You have freedom when you’re easy in your harness.”

— Robert Frost